What should you consider when buying Popper fishing lures online?

For many people, fishing is a popular leisure activity in which they can relax. For others, fishing is just plain boring and a sport for older men who find it beautiful for hours to sit at a pond or river and wait that maybe once a fish bites. In fact, fishing is a sport that even doctors prescribe to their patients. Fishing can help them to come to rest, for example after a heart attack. Fishing has something meditative in itself and is certainly not boring. Passionate anglers also like to travel for their sport throughout the world. Salmon fishing in Norway or Canada, deep sea fishing in the Caribbean or the United States are among the dreams that many anglers will be happy to meet again. All who want to fish also needs the right equipment, because with a normal fishing rod and simple bait you usually can´t reach much. Basically you need to have a particular type of fish bait, and when it comes to good bait, then the multiple decoy of Popper have always worked well.

What makes a Popper lure so special?

Popper fishing lures are not new, they exist already since 1884. Sir Max Blommerich invented the bait, which exist today in many different designs for all types of fish. Popper fishing lures are a particular form of the so-called wobbler, artificial bait especially used for predatory fish. The Popper has the feature to swim on the water surface, or rather stagger and this is for predators a sign that they see a sick or weakened fish, which is an easy prey. The Popper lures are available in various designs and colours, that lure can dive, swim or just float on the water surface, depending on what fish you would catch on. For a trout, another Popper is used as for a pike. You can fish with a popper even large predatory fish if you want, for example at deep-sea fishing. Another nice feature of Popper fishing lures is that you can put these baits in a rough or weedy pond or use them at a river bank. If you fish in such a terrain, then you should also have the appropriate fishing rod, which makes it possible to draw heavy and big fish on land. That isn´t always easy in a densely vegetated bank and requires a little practice.

What should you consider when fishing with a popper?

If a Popper lure comes up on the water, then it creates a popping noise, which has brought its name to the bait. Fishing with a popper requires practice and is not suitable for beginners. With this bait you need cleverness to get the fishing rod into the water and you must also bring with patience when you fish with a popper. The trick is to move the rod very carefully and to wait, because only if the fish weighs in safety, then he will bite as well.

What is the online purchase to be observed by Popper fishing lures?

In the Internet age it is easy to go shopping and the same goes for fishing equipment. You can shop at your home with comfort, what especially the anglers like who do not live in a big city and have a shop for fishing tackle just around the corner. If you are an angler who wants to buy Poppers on the Internet, then you should look exactly at the seller where you want to order, because not all are reputable. But how can you really find a reputable shop for Popper lure? It is not difficult if you pay attention to some things. If Popper fishing lures are offered in an Asian shop, don´t buy them if possible, because the goods coming from China, Thailand or Taiwan are handled poorly and does not hold too long. Even though the price might be well below what one would have to pay for Popper fishing lures at a fishing tackle shop, it's not worth buying. The Poppers are made of cheap plastic and they haven´t the typical form from the original Popper lure. Most quickly the colour scrolls off, or they break apart in the middle when first used. Many hooks are not fitted tightly enough and the bait is released even before it reaches the water. Careful one should be with the following dealers promise. With a popper, you can even catch a sturgeon, and there are even dealers who claim that it wouldn´t be a problem to catch a small shark with the right Popper. Who relies on this advertisement, can have bad luck and not even a trout will bite at his Popper.

What makes a reputable dealer?

Any distributor of fishing tackle, who takes his job seriously, makes no promises he can not hold. He says rather, what Popper you should try to catch what fish, but he does not claim that you can catch all the fish with poppers general. A good dealer describes the possibilities on his side and gives tips to the angler for the use of the entire Popper's bait; he should explain and find the best way which Popper is suitable for the various waters. You can see how well an internet shop for Popper is in real, if they explain how to use a popper lure with fishing. Even lay people should feel understood and addressed what it's all about. Many good shops have their own website, blog or a forum in which the angler and even beginners can ask questions that will be answered by experienced anglers. Who is looking for a good Popper shop, should also ensure that there is a right of return and that you can probably call a hotline if there are problems.