Fishermen know there products and their lures and their poppers So what are poppers?

A PopperSimply put its a fishing lure that "pops" in and out of the water up and down and side to side and sometimes both Adorned with fish attarctivelness and a science based product with the intention of hooking the Bog One With out poppers it wont get away!

Trawl with poppers of hand line or with rod and reel "pumping" get yuor poppers to pop!

Initially most people fish with floats and beach casting The lures and poppers industry has spread world wide with the trolling industry and cast and reel in Spinners and lures are the most popular niland and in fresh water but salt water fishing for big game seems some of the largest poppers

These items are dangerous, and care should be taken as they ofetn hold an array of hooks with barbs, Scientific studies and known facts about what ceratin fish like lead to the development of certain shapes sizes and colours of lures If for example we know king mackeral love red and white theen the Rappala range of poppers caters excelently for this.

Care should be taken inland of course to avoid the obstacles and avoid loosing yuor Lure! These specialist pieces of equipment are not cheap and after some time and some hits can look beyond their best and its time to go to poppers heaven.

Also some use beach casting to deploy their bait or pop back their spinners and lures this is a specialist area of fishing. We see fisher men waddig out far beyond safe distances just to get their fishing gear thatb little but further The trick is to start casting and recasting onland with a bomb weight for example and an empty feild!

A PopperChecking and recchecking your tackle and knowing your equipemnt and its limits is the key to a good fisherman and catching the best fish but as always there is an element of luck! So wy not increase the chances and aquire some decent poppers and get out on the water. Look after your gear and always sharpen your hooks and keep the water out unless its in the water of course Dont go fishing with a rusty barb! Keep a good sharp knife to hand and think of the fish and put back thoise caught that are undersize or caught for fun.

Speaking of size:
Whats the biggest you have caught we are planning on starting a hall of fame for the big ones and whats your story behind it Our poppers blog will hopefully spread the word as to which is the biggest best and may be even the chapest popper around.

In summary:
Look after yor poppers..they cost money

Look after your well being

Look after your wallet and spend and save moeny by shopping online

Look after the environment and the fish and creatures that inhabit our planet with us. They have been here longer than us!